The Process

So I’ve started work on my winning adventure concept the ‘Cross City Race’ and I have around… forty ideas for mini encounters but have now exhausted much of the inspiration and capacity I have for thieving re-working ideas from other sources of inspiration. I’ve played a little Assassin’s Creed to get the feel for the chase sequences in that, watching Jump London and exhausted the Wiki and internet references to Le Parkour and Free Running as well as hunting down the opening chase to Casino Royale and the old Nike adverts.

What would YOU want to see in a running/climbing race across a fantasy city?

(Besides boxes full of chickens and panes of glass, clearly).

2 responses to “The Process

  1. In terms of sub locations
    A marketplace or agora,
    A set of washing lines,
    A sewer
    An underground river
    An arena
    A brothel
    A variety of back alleys and main streets
    An unavoidable brige or two.
    In terms of encounters
    What is to stop the party jumping a fast coach and hurtling down the main streets or even better out the gate and circle round the city wall (rivers permitting of course)?

  2. A true dilema with no clear answer – you just have to do your best, do you drop out of the race to deal with it, or do you deal on the run? Do you cheat because this dilema is unfair and you would have won anyway?
    Linked to a bit of the characters background or a tiny scene at the start of the senario… an inconsequential even that spawns a sudden message to you whilst you race…
    Perhaps your sister is leaving the city today – and when you are near the end of the race you hear a trap/set up for the race back at the begining has caused the flooding/fire of the area she is leaving through right now.
    Maybe even you set the trap that now threatens her.
    Or it could be you aquire a ‘race buddy’ and you save each others ass through it, then right at the end you have to pick the point you screw them or they screw you to win.

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