Xpress Core

For this year I am making the core Xpress rules free to download and use and to develop from, subject only to a mention and weblink in any finished products that use the system. The Xpress core system provides a modular plug-and-play rules set with a modern/gritty default setting. These are the rules used for @ctiv8, ’45: Psychobilly Retropocalypse and some upcoming projects to boot.This licensing arrangement supersedes the information given in the other Xpress products and establishes a new plug-in rule tree for forthcoming projects. Note that at time of posting there are some problems with my ISP and so you may not be able to download the file which is available:

6 responses to “Xpress Core

  1. My computer is saying it’s an invalid archive file – download it yourself and see though because I’m not entirely trusting of this ‘machine’.

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