Gencon UK – War on Terror

TerrorBull Games
This was an interesting one to talk about. I’m… uhm… ‘no stranger to controversy’ shall we say, so I immediately thought I might have something in common with these guys and, as it turned out, I did. They have a wicked sense of humour and a great game and share a similar sort of bemused shell shock to the sheer amount of fuss that they cause that I do – as well as a similar cynical exploitation of such.They spent the whole con in orange jumpsuits, looking like prisoners from Guantanamo and drawing laughs and shock with equal measure. They certainly know how to play it up! They even had a nice big folder out in front of their stall full of media hysteria reports about their game of a predictable Daily-Mailesque bent.

The remarkable thing, as usual, is that they haven’t even had to advertise. The very people who wish them ill are the ones giving them the greatest amount of publicity and effectively giving them all the advertising budget they could need. Oh the irony.

One particular anecdote I found amusing was that there was a campaign by an Australian paper to get them banned when they weren’t even selling in Australia at that point!

The lads are on a new print run of the board game already, and this really is a spiritual successor to the old ‘Nuclear war’ game, and they have some follow up ideas in the works for the future. They were also kind enough to do a Hentacle/Final Straw product swap for a copy of their boardgame, which made me a happy bunny.

Not had a chance to play yet, but it does really look like a fun game, I’ll let you know.

One response to “Gencon UK – War on Terror

  1. I really liked War on Terror the two times I played it. I think its greatest strength is that you can play it seriously (like a Risk/Settlers of Catan hybrid), try to cause as much mayhem as possible or somewhere in between.

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