Gencon UK – Sceaptune Games

Unfortunately our pic of their stand seems to be missing.

Sceaptune Games
A lovely pair of folks from my neck of the woods Sceaptune Games (the old spelling of ‘Shipton’ and pronounced that way in case you were wondering) are well placed for what seems to be their love – RuneQuest. RuneQuest’s iron age and mythic setting is well suited to this area where we’re surrounded by iron age hill forts, ditch diggings, white horses graven into the hillsides (along with priapic giants) and not to mention Stonehenge, barrows and forests like Savenac and The New Forest.
Just flicking through their books you get a real impression that these are an uncompromising labour of love for Mr Bancroft and the quality just shines through in all their books but most especially, I felt, this came through with the Quester’s Guide to Duck. A much maligned and not necessarily understood race from the RuneQuest world this really does a lot to make them more viable. Frankly, if you ask me, Mongoose should give Tim a job working on their own RuneQuest line and have done.

Sceaptune is a great small company with a lot of love for their subject matter and somehow managed to keep smiling right the way through the whole convention. They deserve a lot of success so if you have any love for RuneQuest, past or present, I heartily recommend heading over to their website and buying something.

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