Gencon UK – Pinnacle

Pinnacle seemed a little bit glum when I went to talk to them but it could have just been due to the fact that it was the last day of the con and I just wanted to run away and go to bed too, so that may have been rubbing off on them.
Most of what was there was familiar enough, Savage Worlds with its Origin Award on open display and with the new (ish) Explorer’s Edition up for grabs which, if I hadn’t already bought the main book, I might have snagged. There were the usual array of Savage Worlds things on show from Rippers to Necessary Evil but the newer things to see were Pirates of the Spanish Main and, most importantly, early release copies of The Savage World of Solomon Kane which looks gorgeous, I’ll have a full review coming as soon as I have my energy back and can read through the whole thing.

Additionally I was able to get a look through Savage Skies – if I remember the name correctly, a new book, a new setting but one with most of the Savage Worlds hallmarks. Aerial fantasy is a weird little subgenre that appears throughout fantasy and SF – I even have my own setting along those lines – but this looks like a great fantasy take on the whole thing well suited to Savage Worlds’ particular bent.

Personally speaking I find Savage Worlds to be a little lacking in ‘granularity’ for what I want from a game but Pinnacle knows what they have and play to the particular strengths of their system, which is a great thing to see.

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