Gencon UK – Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Published Ltd
Mongoose seemed to have a very large stand, with lots of product but also seem to have reduced Gencon UK in their estimation – or it just could have been that the bigwigs were recovering still from US Gencon. Either way, Matt or Alex weren’t in evidence – unless I was blind – and it was weird not to be recognised by the guys on the stall for once!
I had a good natter with the guys that were there though and as I expected they had plenty of interesting stuff to say.

On fourth edition D&D it looks like Mongoose will be adopting a ‘wait and see’ policy which is likely a sound move but also, I think, a warning sign about 4.0. Mongoose got into the game on the back of extensive D20 support and if they’re showing suspicion and worry about 4th Edition then that should be a clear signal to other publishers to be wary as well. While I think most people have learned the lesson from the 3rd edition boom and bust it remains to be seen if the same ‘trap’ doesn’t occur this time around.

For those worried about Mongoose’s existing 3rd Ed games like Conan and so on, fears can be allayed since it was pretty heavily indicated that support would continue for the current incarnations of these games, rather than an edition jump to 4th Edition. Since Mongoose modded the d20 rules set for their own games in various ways this should, overall, be a good thing.

Like the other mid tier and up companies it seems like Mongoose successfully diversified and nowhere is this more in evidence really than with their RuneQuest line. I wanted to pick up a copy of Slaine RQ edition but just didn’t sell enough product, still, it looks really nice and the rules seemed a much, much better fit than d20 ever was. There’s plenty of stuff in general in the pipeline for the RQ system and no sign of an edition jump on that one and it looks like Slaine will be supported in its RQ incarnation as well, something I’ll be certainly watching with interest.

The miniatures seemed to be the big success for Mongoose at the convention with them pretty much outdoing Games Workshop from the looks of things – something that could be an indicator for the future if the success of the other challengers to GWs crown is anything to go by. Despite some setbacks with their pre-painted lines things seem to be back on course here and it almost makes me wish I could afford to get back into miniatures gaming (and had some people to play with!).

We finished our chat talking, again, about RuneQuest things and it looks like Elric will also be getting some good support with the other main RQ additions being for historical gaming in various periods. Something that looks very nice indeed – and increasingly popular.

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