Gencon UK – Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Saving the best to last (OK, so I’m biased because I do a lot of freelancing for them) it was good to see Dom, Andy P and the hairy legend that is Angus (even if only briefly) and to catch up as well as talk about various bits and pieces of game stuff. They certainly seemed to be the busiest and most ambitious crew at the con so we had a lot to talk about.As you may or may not know C7 have got the English language rights to the game Qin from Seventh Circle, the French company. Good news for C7 even if Seventh Circle might end up missing out as translations are going ahead and judging by the success of and love for the game that exists it should do very well indeed, in fact it seemed to be doing just as well as C7’s own games, Victoriana and SLA Industries.

From what we talked about we can expect to see the following for Qin showing up in due course…

  • GM Screen
  • Higher power effects and abilities.
  • A general city/NPC/secret service/Politics sourcebook.
  • A book on the military of the period.
  • A bestiary
  • A campaign/metaplot book.

Then, much like Unknown Armies, that should be about it, so Qin will be a ‘complete’ game that people can collect fully and enjoy, without an endless supplement mill.

C7 also has the licensing for some other games from Seventh Circle including Humanodyne which sounds like a Heroes/4400 style game about superhuman powers where the drama and psychological impact of these powers has greater interest in the story than merely throwing people through skyscrapers. ‘Kuro’ is also on the cards, which appears to be a sort of melding of Cyberpunk and contemporary Japanese horror – which could be interesting.

On the home front there were whispers of a huge development for the company, which I can’t divulge even my guesses at but bode well for them and, perhaps, the industry as a whole if my guesses are correct but they’re also pressing ahead with work on their other lines.

Victoriana did pretty damn well with the new edition printed and ready to go, a hefty damn book that looks much more gorgeous than the original edition and with its own, eminently graspable, system now. The project list for this book is limited, but realistic, with the future releases currently on the cards being Faulkner’s (an equipment and other ‘stuff’ guide) the Marylebone Mummy (a Penny Dreadful adventure book) and Faces in the Smoke (an NPC/organisation guide) after that it goes a little hazy but I think that’s wise, not to overextend oneself. Vicky II seems to be getting good attention and reviews and to have moved a little bit away from the ‘Steampunk Shadowrun’ tag it had before, which in my opinion is a good thing. PDF support is also in the works and Andy P’s enthusiasm for the project oozes out of every softly spoken word he utters. Its in good hands.

Dom was a little less effusive about SLA Industries but then Andy is an absolute Victorian freak so Dom couldn’t help but look ‘meh’ in comparison, not that he has much to ‘meh’ about really! SLA also sold well and while there are some delays on SLA Industries these delays are mostly for the best of reasons, ‘other IP issues’. Could we be looking at an SLA film? Comic book series? TV show? Computer game? Oh bloody hell I hope so! Even with these mild delays we’re still looking at a few releases, a gang book seems to be the only one set in stone though we may also see some BPN support, possibly on PDF, similar to what’s in the pipe for Victoriana.

Starblazer is, perhaps, a peculiarly British institution, I don’t know, but judging from my sales of my SF Adventure Seeds there’s a desire for a decent scifi game out there and this could well be it. Taken from the old SF comics of our youth the Starblazer game will use the FATE system – used in Spirit of the Century and ill present a number of settings. The FATE system’s speed and relative simplicity should allow for either episodic (like the comics) or campaign style play and I look forward to seeing the results.

Lastly we talked about Normal Texas which seems like a sort of B-movie/Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/Eerie Indiana style game set in a town where nothing is normal. Perhaps a sort of updated ‘Over the Edge’ for the 21st Century, something else to keep a weather eye on!

(And hopefully they’ll keep me ‘lancing for ’em through all this).

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