Gencon UK 2007 – Stealthy Spider Publishing (Occult Wars)

Occult Wars

Q. You’re new, how did you get started?
A. We’re very keen wargamers who did a little bit of roleplaying a long time ago, we’ve been working on the rules on and off for about 6 years and decided not too long ago that we should publish it.

Q. How do you get started in the Miniatures Market?

A. You need a lot of stake cash to get a miniatures run started, currently we’re reselling figures from other manufacturers.  However we have a small run of our own miniatures coming out soon sculpted for us be Phil Lewis of ex-GamesWorkshop fame.

Q. Tell us about the game.

A. It’s a modern horror game initially designed with a miniature play idea but it fully supports a more traditional RPG aspect as well and can be played without mini’s.  The game itself is designed to allow characters to be created quickly and on a balanced playing field.  Equipment is acquired at character generation using a roll system with the roll’s being modified depending on what you’re playing i.e. weapons are easier to get for military characters.
The game is also designed to scale well allowing for anything from the traditional 4 man investigator team right up to full on military engagements where you could control whole divisions of troops going up against say Nazi Werewolves.Q. What about support for the game, both in print and online?

A. The game is supported online both on our own site and via several active yahoo groups.  We’re also already planning a couple of extras, maybe some zombie toolkit stuff and eventually a second edition which beefs up the RPG element and gives a more filled out background.

Q. So you mentioned the RP element, how well is RP supported in the game?

A. The game can be played completely as an RPG with no figures at all but we still think that we can expand on the RPG element, we’ll be looking at this for the second edition.

Q. Would you consider ever doing a fully RP version of the game?

A. We’d rather maintain the balance to be honest, we’re miniatures gamers at heart and while we enjoy the RP elements we’d never want to sacrifice all the tactical miniatures options for a standalone RPG.

Cheers guys and we hope the game does well.

Report by Steve Mortimer, photo by Donna Desborough

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