Gencon UK 2007 – Games Workshop

Games Workshop
Miniatures aren’t really my bag these days, aside from lusting after Rackham and Privateer Press stuff, but ever since playing the old hardback Rogue Trader version of Warhammer 40k I’ve wanted to roleplay in the heavily Nemesis influenced Imperium of Man. Dark Heresy is going to be the first, main book of the new 40k RPG which, controversially, seems to be much more focussed than most RPGs and seems intended to be sold in sections – the first one being the one dedicated to the Inquisition, much like the old Inquisitor giant-fuck off miniatures game.Anyway, controversy or not if the game is anything like WFRP – which it appears to be – one should be able to kitbash it into shape pretty easily even before the other releases come along – though they’ll obviously be a bit of a bonus. Steve should be able to play a demo tomorrow – GW are one of the few sets of demos that won’t cost you an arm and a leg – so we should be able to tell you more but the little demo booklet they have is a rather disappointing ‘dungeonbash with chainswords’ though, I suppose, something along those lines is likely the best way to go if you’re just showcasing the system, rather than anything else.

Alas and alack, it seems we still won’t see the Black Industries/Green Ronin stuff being pushed in GWs hobby stores, but that’s not really a decision that can be blamed on GWs convention crew. Still, it’s a damn shame and a huge amount of missed potential in securing new generations of gamers.

So, hopefully more on this tomorrow.

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