Gencon UK 2007 – Core Games Publishing

Core Games PublishingQ. So, how is Corporation doing then?

A. As far as we see its doing well, the sales for the book are good and we’ve had lots of good feedback from the players.

Q. What’s coming up?

A. Nice of you to ask. We’ve got the tech book coming up soon, that’s in play test at the moment but its huge, almost the same size as the core book, and we want to make sure none of the equipment is gamebreaking.  The tech book will also include new trainings and new licenses as well as a whole new category of weapons that require direct UIG authorisation to use.

The tech book will take a little while yet though so in the interim we’ll be releasing some adventure books to keep the hordes away from our door.

Q. How about the PDF market, are you going to publish into the PDF market?

A. It’s a good idea, we went straight to print with the main book but we may look at making a PDF release of it.  We’re also looking at maybe putting the adventures out on PDF as well.  We’ve haven’t definately decided yet.

Q. What about other games, any plans?

A. Yes, but nothing solid at the moment I want to do something not fantasy but fantastical.

Article by Steve Mortimer, picture by Donna Desborough

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