Urban Faerie

Urban Faerie
There are certain kinds of people, ale-drinking people, people who did a little too much acid in the sixties, people who wear large, warm jumpers and take long brisk walks in the country. These people maintain that faeries not only exist but that they are very common. They also tend to believe that faeries are, were and always will be a countryside phenomenon much like casual cruelty to animals, sexual intercourse with sheep and having an impenetrable and parochial accent.

This is, of course, rather wide of the mark.

Faeries have always had a strong relationship with man, darning his socks, cobbling his shoes, cleaning his houses, drowning him, marrying him and swapping his children for malformed hydrocephalics as a bit of a jape and otherwise aiding or demeaning the efforts of man. Faeries do not need our belief to exist; they need us and the things we leave around.

Like an urban fox or that aerial rat known as the pigeon, if they survive they will have adapted to city life and found their niches not in tending to flowers and trees but in crashing computers, letting down the tyres on peoples cars and eating the leftover pizza.

What then, would their world be like as they transitioned, with man, to an urban environment? How would the traditional faeries of yesteryear alter, shift, change and cope to deal with this new world? What powers would they have and what would they get up to?

So, armed with my imagination, a few research books and a hefty draught of the Postmortem Studios Patented Farie Sight Potion I set out to discover imagine and set down what sort of world might exist for faeries today. The fruits of that labour are now yours to play with.

Reviews & Comments
‘Given that the player characters are human-hating faeries with wacky powers, natural invisibility and a code of ethics that, even when followed, is minimalist, it’s almost impossible for a group of players with a twisted sense of humour not to have a riotous time with this game.’

‘Urban Faerie is “Changeling” with balls, what a Charles de Lint on speed or a drunk Neil Gaiman could have written. The writing is hilarious (the short stories put you in the mood instantly), the various types of fairies range from the classical to the very, very wrong.’

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