Hentacle is an ADULT game, a really, really adult game.
I mean it. We’re not just talking a couple of nipples here. This is filth. Disgusting, perverted filth and you should be ashamed to buy it.

Do NOT buy this for your children.
Do NOT play this around kids or, if you print it out, leave it for them to get hold of.*
Do NOT come whining to anyone about how rude and tasteless it is, we know, you bought it and if someone bought it with your credit card you should be more careful and/or your parenting skills are questionable.

Thank you for your attention.

*Unless you like being asked embaressing questions about pee-pees and hoo-hoos.

Hentacle is a fast paced point-scoring card game where 2-4 players compete with each other to be the supreme tentacle monsters, exerting their perversity upon their lovely victims.

Taking its cue from animated Japanese perversity Hentacle is a disgusting and reprehensible product and you should be as ashamed of buying it as I am for creating it.

The Zip file presents the cards at 150 dpi and gives you the following…

An 8 page rules booklet.
2 rules cards, one in English, one in Engrish.
6 double-sided victim cards.
– Aimi – The Schoolgirl.
– Chiaki – The Space Policewoman.
– Hisako – The Businesswoman.
– Ichie – The Bunny Girl
– Emiko – The Otaku
– Fukuyo – The Cybergirl
56 action cards.
Desktop wallpaper of four of the girls for your PC.

Reviews & Comments
‘Utter filth and depravity. Nice artwork.’

‘This game is wrong. So wrong. After posting a link to my game group as a joke I was disturbed that they heckled me into buying. More so that they actually wanted to play it.’

‘First off, BELIEVE THE AUTHOR’S WARNINGS! This game is not for the faint of heart! It is hardcore anime tentacle porn, so don’t say he (and I) didn’t warn you… On the other hand, if you take that warning to be more like the barker’s come-on at a peep show, then you are probably the right market for this game.’

‘I give it a 10 out of 10 for two reasons: 1. It amused me for more than 5 minutes. Considering my attention span, that’s worth an award.
2. It does not depend on only the theme to make it interesting. The game itself is well thought out and plays better than some major card games I’ve had the misfortune of buying.’

‘Wow! Not even in the depths of my sick and twisted mind could I have even thought of such perverse humor! I have been a hentai fan for years….this is so over the top my Japanese friends were stunned!!! The NOT FOR KIDS rules should be enforced at all times!!!’

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One response to “Hentacle

  1. I’m interested in picking up hard copies of this and any of its expansions, if you still have any available. Email me at gentleman . lech @ gmail . com (remove spaces as necessary) to work out details.

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