@ctiv8: Week 2

@ctiv8 is a modern-setting, very political, conspiracy game where the players ? usually ? take the part of conspirators. Activists who are part of a global covert network dedicated to interfering, to trying to make the world a better place, to safeguard peace and freedom for all according to the dictates of their own conscience in the face of the increasing irrelevance of government or democracy to a person?s personal beliefs.

The adventure ideas and stories contained within this booklet all come from real life and include the real story, the fictional story-behind-the-story, some adventure/encounter ideas and reference material to tell you more about the background of the piece as well as including a sample character for your @ctiv8 dossiers. We don?t necessarily need the world of fiction to inspire us or to show us the strangest and most wonderful sides of humanity. The news has it all.

With a little work these adventure seeds can be adapted to any other modern setting game or given an extra touch of strangeness to suit games that include magick and more outlandish conspiracies.

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