ACTUAL Assassin

Everybody might like Magical Trevor, but they don’t all like magical Assassins.

For those who prefer their killers to be less magical and more knowledgable, those who understand that even people who are ‘good’ will kill for the greater good or whatever cause they tie their flag to, for those believe that skill is more important than magical gifts, this is for you.

  • A modified Assassin prestige class.
  • Justifications for every alignment – Even the good may kill for their cause.
  • Death Trance – A complete focus on the kill.
  • Alignment Masking – Mental training can mask your nature, even from magic.
  • Unafraid to Die – The most successful Assassins must be unafraid to die.
  • Soul Destruction – Helps prevent pesky resurrections by mutilating the body.

*This prestige class does not include prerequisites. This is left down to the individual GM.

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