100 Horror Adventure Seeds

100 Horror Adventure Seeds is the next installment in the successful Adventure Seeds series from Postmortem Studios.

100 Horror Adventure Seeds presents 100 game session ideas, one to a page, with three twists, an epilogue and some ideas to help you make that session a better game.

Far more useful than a traditional roleplaying module, 100 Horror Adventure Seeds can spark your imagination and get you past ‘GM’s Block’ so you can get on with a good evening’s gaming.

Reviews & Comments
‘A very useful book, this one. Out of 100 adventure ideas, at least half were to my liking. Each adventure hook lists three twists, and in many cases not only did I find at least one twist to my liking, the other two are suitable for addition as further plot complications or as red herrings. Each hook also includes an epilogue to inspire sequel adventures from the consequences.’

‘This product delivers, and in a big way. There is no shortage of really good ideas. Each idea is fleshed out slightly more than a true adventure seed, with some good details and a few twists and variations, too. Overall, this is an excellent product, and a must-have for any horror GM.’

‘It’s a big book, full of useful ideas. Its great for a GM who did not have time or the inspiration to coble together an adventure or who wants inspiration doing exactly that.’

‘Not only does the book offer useful condensations of adventures, but it leads the reader to find inspiration in other media.’

‘Lots of fun and definitely extensive. Great for when you can’t come up with an idea all on your own.’

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