100 Fantasy Kingdoms

100 Kingdoms presents 100, individual fantasy countries for your use in your own fantasy-based games.

  • Great for worldbuilding.
  • Great for game inspiration.
  • Great for adding new twists to existing gameworlds.
  • Good accompaniment for 100 Fantasy Adventure Seeds.

Each ‘Kingdom’ is provided for with a single page description consisting of an overview, an examination of the rulership, the general geography and a scattering of adventure seeds to get you started.

This is a generic product suitable for most fantasy games.

Reviews & Comments
‘Get it if you’re a fantasy GM – it’s just chock full of ideas.’

‘A wonderful inspiration! Probably a third of the ideas here could be used in my current campaign, either as-is or with minimal tweaking, and the remainder are giving me ideas for the future. Highly recommended.’

‘An interesting mixture of the usual and unusual. Even the strange ones are nicely described and are not alien enough to make it difficult to intergrate with most fantasy settings.’

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