100 Fantasy Adventure Seeds

The following pages contain one-hundred adventure seed ideas for you to use in your fantasy based games.

Each adventure consists of the basic idea, three twists and an epilogue which, in effect, means you’re actually getting closer to 900 different combinations and possible adventures!

Feel free to add your own embellishments or to combine or string together the adventures in any way you please and, if you have particular success with any of them we’d love to hear about it.

Reviews & Comments
‘The number of new ideas presented (or old ideas reworked) in this rpg accessory should allow any GM to find something new (or a least a new take on something) to throw at his/her players.’

‘Very usefull handy-dandy DM aide…especially when an impromptu adventure gathering happens and you are caught with nada for a new adventure…gets the ball rolling quite well.’

‘A fantastic compendium of ideas which can be used as encounters, provide inspiration for your own plots or expanded into full adventures if need be.’

‘This is a great product – heaps of fun ideas and good value!’

‘This genuinely has 100 Fantasy Adventure Seeds. How sad is it that I thought there might be some fudging in the advertising of such. But the creators deliver.’

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