BloodQuest is a ‘rules sketch’ for Mongoose Publishing’s RuneQuest, allowing you to use the RuneQuest rules for a modern, horror setting designed to be semi-compatible with Blood! and allowing you to more easily incorporate Blood!‘s upcoming monster products (which will include statistics for Blood! and both leading OGL systems).

This is NOT a complete rules set and you will need RuneQuest in order to use these rules changes. You may also be interested in Blood! for a complete, self-contained horror rules set.


  • ‘Mind Points’ for tracking mental stress and loss of sanity.
  • ‘Fatigue Points’ for a less abstract way of tracking exhaustion.
  • ‘Courage’ for resisting horrifying situations.
  • Modern ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ skills.
  • Modern cultural and professional templates.
  • Firearms combat, armour and weapons rules.
  • Vehicle rules.

Reviews & Comments
“BloodQuest is a great rules supplement for horror-themed campaigns using the RuneQuest rules. New attributes such as Mind Points and Fatigue are easy to insert into existing RQ rules and will be familiar to anyone who has played older incarnations of RuneQuest or Call of Cthulhu. Indeed, I would heartily recommend this product to anyone who wants to use Mongoose’s RQ rules for a CoC kind of game. The new professions and modern weapon rules are of particular interest. It’s also the only rules supplement I’ve seen where a character can eliminate Fatigue by eating junkfood! Perfect for us snack-happy gamers who also love thier gore!”

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3 responses to “BloodQuest

  1. OGL content?
    How much of Bloodquest is itself OGL? i.e. if I wrote a module using bloodquest do I need to take out a licence of some sort from you?

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