A global anarchistic conspiracy.
A self-forming collective of individuals willing to do anything that is required to make the world a better place.
A source of consternation to intelligence and law enforcement communities.
A secret computer program, hidden in the net.
You can join them.
You can make a difference.
You can make the world a better place.

All you have to do is try.

A complete game in one book.
The first game to be powered by Postmortem Studio’s Xpress System.
Concept easily transferable to other modern systems and settings.
@ctiv8 contains challenging political themes.


Reviews & Comments
“I like the political stance the game takes, and the general concept is an appealing one. While I’m not a big fan of mundane people games, this one could change that.” 

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’45 – Psychobilly Retropocalypse

HE was a mutant with a gift for the guitar and an eye for the ladies…
SHE was a hotrod-racing bombshell on the lookout for love…
IT crawled from the wastes of Nashville crater, seeking human victims…
THEY were trapped in a world they never made!

’45 is a world where WWII was fought with atomic bombs on all sides
’45 is a world where the B-movies are real
’45 is a world where Rock N’ Roll mutants do battle with giant ants
’45 is a Psychobilly Retropocalypse

All the cool cats dig ’45 daddy-o, are you hip to the scene?

’45 is so cool, it’s radioactive, man!

’45 is powered by Postmortem Studio’s Xpress system and features customisations specially tailored for pulp/B-movie play.

Filmed on location in


Comments & Reviews
“This game kicks ass. It’s very different from most other games. The style is unique. It is it’s own Genre of game. I can’t think of anything else that’s just like it. The setting is very inventive. It’s a glorious amalgamation of 50’s B-movies, Hammer style horror, and high adventure. I wonder what kind of drugs they were taking when they came up with this. And where can I get some? Also the art, which emphasises 50’s style pin-up glamor is really good!” 

“The author nails the B movie genre of the 1950’s squarely in a fun evocative style. Freely mixing and matching icons, tropes and fads its rock and roll meets attack of the fifty foot woman, its James Dean with three arms blazing nickel plated .45’s featuring in Plan 9 From Outer Space, its voluptuous cavewomen named Lalula riding Harley’s being pursued by giant radioactive ants. Its a pulp game of over the top B movie madness combined with a Rockabilly flair where the atom bomb and science are king. The world encapsulates everything, Femme Fatals, crazy scientists, mysterious swamp creatures, vampires, gumshoe PI’s and sinister Nazi mooks (’45 supposes everyone nuked each other so the war isn’t exactly over). The rules are succinct and to the point and there are plenty of interesting character examples and plot hooks to get you started. Indeed the book is a perfect length giving you just what you need in a comprehensive well laid out format. Art is thematic and sexy and overall its a good looking book.” 

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