Postmortem Studios Bibliography

Self Published
Postmortem Studios
@ctiv8 Week 1
@ctiv8 Week 2
100 Fantasy Adventure Seeds
100 Horror Adventure Seeds
100 Kingdoms
100 Science Fiction Adventure Seeds
100 Planets
100 Dark Places
’45: Psychobilly Retropocalypse
Actual Assassain
Actual Monk
Actual Paladin
Actual Paladin (Publisher)
Actual Spacemonkey (Publisher)
Autopsy: Drugs
Autopsy: Sex
Blood!: Second Edition
Blood: Freakshow –  Giant Insects (With Ian Liddle)
Blood: Freakshow – Angels of Pain (With Ian Liddle)
Blood: Freakshow – Candarion Demon (With Richard Fannon)
Blood: Freakshow – Psychopaths (With Richard Fannon)
Blood: Freakshow – The Blob (With Ian Liddle)
Blood: Freakshow – The Seldom Seen (with Richard Fannon)
Blood: Freakshow – Vampire Brains (With Richard Fannon)
Blood: Freakshow – Vampires (With Ian Liddle)
Blood: Freakshow – Zombies (With Richard Fannon)
Blood Freakshow – Avenging Angel (With above authors)
Blood: Freakshow – Auditor of Order (With above authors)
Blood: Freakshow – Agent of Chaos (with above authors)
Bloodsucker: The Angst
Bloodsucker: The Juice (With Ian Warner)
Clipart Critters (Publisher)
Cloak of Steel
Cthentacle: The Dunbitch Horror
Feast of Crows
Feast of Crows: Army of Civilisation
Feast of Crows: Army of the Barbarians
Feast of Crows: Army of the Dwarves
Feast of Crows: Army of the Elves
Feast of Crows: Army of the Goblinoids
Final Straw: Highschool Revenge
Hentacle: Sloppy Seconds
Hentacle: Three’s an Orgy
Live System (d20 variant)
Living Constructs (4e race)
Neverwhere: Official RPG system, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition.
Tobyart (Publisher)
Urban Faerie
Xpress Core System
Zelart (Publisher)Freelance
Cubicle Seven Entertainment
Cannibal Sector One
Faulkner’s Millinery & Miscellanea (contributor)

Steve Jackson Games
The Munchkin’s Guide to Powergaming

Mongoose Publishing
Full Eagle Day (uncredited)
Macho Women With Guns d20
Nymphology: Blue Magic
Slayer’s Guide to Female Gamers
Slayer’s Guide to Rules Lawyers
The Quintessential Temptress
Ultimate Prestige Classes (contributor)
Origin of the Specious (with Jonny Nexus)

Onebookshelf Inc
ePublisher d20/OGL Guide

The Le Games
17 Monk Feats
Unorthodox Pirates (contributor)
Unorthodox Ranged Combatants

Wizards of the Coast
Monster Manual V (Contributor)
City of Stormreach (Contributor)

Dragon’s Quest (browser game)

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