The Big Bad Cthentacle Art Book – RELEASED!



Every gloriously horrible illustration from the entire Cthentacle game line present and correct for ogling and examining without any of that irritating game information getting in the way.

Roll 1d20 for San Loss.

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Or in full colour hardcopy HERE

Cthentacle: Spankham Asylum RELEASED!



Spankham Asylum, a study-ground for those grappling with understanding strange fetishes and psychosexual condition. Doctor Karr investigates a spate of strange, new, tentacular fantasies with the aid of The Patient.

Expand your Cthentacle games into the realm of psychiatry with straitjackets, therapy, tranquilisers and dangerous readings from The Book of Eiboner.

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Nothing says ‘Fuck you’ like money!

So, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that a bunch of concern trolls have managed to get a previously approved and rather innocent ‘Tentacle Rape’ card game Kickstarter pulled.

This is censorious bullshit and I intend to talk a lot more on this subject. There’s a critical mass of puritan bullshit and self-hating flagellation going on and I’ve had enough of it.

Still, I find the best way to say ‘Fuck you’ to censorship is to vote positively, rather than negatively, with your wallet.

Soda Pop have worked out another way to fund their product drive on their own site and as for myself, I’ve doubled what I had pledged before.

I suggest you do the same.

For my part, solidarity Soda Pop, you’re going through an (oddly) more vociferous version of the beasting I got over Hentacle and Cthentacle.

If you want to show that there are more open-minded, libertine, anti-censorship people out there who can tell the difference between reality and fantasy, you can pledge HERE

In fact, you know what? I’m going to pledge more money to them based on Hentacle and Cthentacle sales for the rest of the month too. Think of it as monetarily flipping the bird with BOTH hands.

Tentacles? I’m Getting Deja Vu

So… THIS popped up on my stream today.

I was, shall we say, nonplussed.

I was also nonplussed, but not surprised, to see the RAAAAAGE going on HERE and HERE about it.

From what I can see this game is really, tame as anything. There’s no graphic depictions here, it’s pretty much suggestive and there’s certainly no ‘Carrots’ cards amongst this lot, and yet RAGE.

Personally? Well, I suppose I’m a little upset that someone else is taking my idea commercial. Over it’s lifespan the rights to Hentacle have been negotiated with three separate companies, all of whom chickened out at one hurdle or another. Now, not only have Soda Pop made tens of thousands of dollars from a crowdsourcing, but they’re going to make a shitpile more money from a much tamer execution of a game idea that’s so damn close to mine it’s painful.

Do I begrudge ‘em? No. Not really. I’m just annoyed at seeing another success story go past with ideas stemming from or similar to mine. It’s happened before (Munchkin) and I’m sure it’ll happen again. I’m just one unlucky motherfucker apparently.

I’ve backed ‘em and best of luck to ‘em.

They’re still idea-stealing bastards though.

Give a washed up old game designer a break and BUY Hentacle or Cthentacle while you’re at it, eh?

Shifting Cthentacle

I need some money in fairly quick order to help fund expansion and pay to get some more product out quickly as well as to store up some funds for some more appearances and to up-tempo my convention schedule.

The best way for me to do that seems to be to offload some of my stock of professionally printed Cthentacle and its first supplement, The Dunbitch Horror.

For a limited time I’m willing to offload both together for a total of £12.50 (including shipping). If you want multiple copies it’ll be £10 for each set, plus £2.50 on top for shipping, no matter how many copies.

Please pass this info along and let people know.

Ordering can only be done direct, to me for this offer. If you’re interested contact me at GRIM at POSTMORT dot DEMON dot CO dot UK or on Twitter via @Grimachu

Tsunami Relief

I am happy to report that our charitable efforts raised $830 for the Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund for Japan. Big thanks to everyone who donated work or supported the effort, we made a huge amount of money considering the relatively short time it was available and the limited avenues it was available in.

Big love to everyone.

You can continue to donate directly HERE

Yes, I’m going to keep telling you to buy this…

This amazing pack contains:

  • Cthentacle – The Cthulhu themed tentacle sex card game on PDF with both its supplements (The Dunbitch Horror and The Mountings of Madness).
  • Hentacle – The Anime themed tentacle sex card game on PDF with all of its supplements (Sloppy Seconds, Three’s an Orgy and 4/Play)
  • Cthentacle art preview book
  • Hentacle art book
  • Final Straw – Another card game with art by Zel.
  • Autopsy Issue 1 – Sex and romance in roleplaying.
  • Hentacle and Cthentacle computer wallpapers.
  • A unique booklet unavailable anywhere else featuring gaming articles and previews, erotic short stories and original Hentacle/Cthentacle themed art and pinups.

It’s a whole bundle of art, fiction, games and goodness. Over $50 worth for only $15.
Only available for a short time!
Profits going to Japanese Red Cross.

Buy it HERE and let the word go forth!

Yes you will have to register but the family of sites sells a lot of cool stuff on PDF and PoD and it’s worth your while doing so, even if it’s JUST to buy this.