NDAed Playtest of Licensed Property

nib-illo05I have a project in the sort of ‘late beta’ stage that needs ‘read-testers’ willing to go through the books involved with a critical eye, looking for problems. This will have to be done under NDA as it is a licensed property, negotiated before I joined Chronicle City, and the project’s integrity and – current – secrecy must be maintained.

If you’re interested in participating here’s what I can publicly reveal and confirm so far.

It’s a science-fantasy game.

It’s based on the D6 system under the Open Gaming License.

It’s essentially complete and ready to go, save edits, layout and art.

It’s a completely new license.

Contact me me email (grim@postmort.demon.co.uk) or social media if you’d like to help out.

(Pic unrelated, but cool, from Michael Manning’s Nibelungen).

Artist Needed: @ctiv8 2.0


As a side project I have recently completed a draft of a new version of @ctiv8, a game of modern adventure and activism, updating it to account for the new state of the world and advanced in technology.

I’d like to add to and supplement the original art and am seeking an artist to do so.


4xA6, B&W line art, 300dpi+

Pay: $100 basic, make me an offer otherwise, more for the right artist.

Specifics to come if you’re accepted, but a somewhat low key, realistic approach, showing off the subject’s expertise or athleticism, without necessarily resorting to violence and gunplay would be the brief.

Contact via usual social media or email: grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

Chronicle City: Forever Summer

ForeverSummerSo I finished my first project for Chronicle City (one of many) and it’s called Forever Summer. It’s kind of like a children’s version of Over the Edge. You can buy the PDF HERE though we don’t have an ETA for print yet.

We get more money if you buy it from our web store.

Fabulous art by Manda and it’s something of a career departure for me. If any blogs, ‘casts or sites want to chat to me about it I’d appreciate the publicity and I’ll make myself available as much as I can.

Forever Summer is a role-playing game of children’s adventure.

Evoking the likes of Goonies, Monster Squad, Eerie Indiana and Gravity Falls, Forever Summer drops you into the sleepy town of Oceanview for a long summer of adventure, mystery, thrills and excitement.
Behind every door lies a mystery, an adventure, or something scary!
FSkidsForever Summer features:
A simple system, suitable for children and beginners.
Details on Oceanview – a whole town of strange adventures!
Quick and easy play, suitable for fill in games and convention scenarios.

Privilege Check Hardcopy – On Sale


Hardcopy versions of Privilege Check Or: An Egregious Example of the Tone Deaf, Silencing, ‘Humour’ of the Heteropatriarchal, White, Oppressor Class are now available via the Game Crafter, officially.

The simple design works very well as physical objects and the game – while not to everyone’s taste – works well.

The game replicates the bitter cut, thrust and partisan divisions of online arguments about social justice issues, making fun of both the hypersensitive Tumblrina style special snowflakes, and the cruder attitudes of their opposition. The hope is (was) that people could laugh at themselves.

Faint hope indeed.

If you prefer to pick up the PDF you can get that HERE.

If you prefer to express your outrage you may feel free to leave a comment below.

For those outside the US the shipping from Game Crafter is somewhat prohibitive, so I would suggest clubbing together to get several copies and then distribute them once they arrive in your country.

Sophie Lancaster Foundation Update


Last month we made a pledge to make a donation to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation on the back of people’s poor reactions to Privilege Check and as it was World Goth Day at the time.

I am pleased to announce that after royalties, prior commitments and other costs, we were able to donate $200 (US) to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Visions and ideas about combating intolerance and bigotry may vary, ideas of what constitutes appropriate humour may vary, but hopefully we can all agree that working against these things is a good idea. I encourage you to donate further.

Our ongoing charitable effort is a memorial to DarkZel, a long time artistic associate of Postmortem Studios and a friend who is sorely missed. If you would like to help us further with our charitable efforts, the DarkZel Scholarship is intended to help young art students pay their way through college and you can help with donations of art to be sold to raise funds for the scholarship, or with explicit monetary donations – contact me for details.

Regarding Views We Don’t Like

8545742983_fd31dbc893_zThere are heated discussions around several of our products and several works I’ve produced in the past. These emerge every so often and often in fora where it is impossible for me to defend myself or offer explanations. Sometimes they come back here. Many of these arguments and misinterpretations come from ‘Social Justice Warriors’ (SJWs). We here at Postmortem Studios, despite producing less material of late due to other commitments, have adhered to a policy of ‘not giving too much of a damn’, and these recent discussions have not prompted us to change that policy. After some deliberation we’ve decided to make our policy clear.

Every person involved with Postmortem Studios stands in support of equality, whether it be race, sex, gender identity, disability, political creed, religion or lack therof. We’re also in support of free expression, satire, adult material for grown-ups, robust discussion and the capacity for people to disagree and yet still have fun together and enjoy some of the same things. As should be possible to glean from our material we’re a left-wing and anarchistic organisation and while we don’t claim to be unbiased or to have our own views, you’re also welcome to yours and welcome to debate them. We don’t believe in patriarchy, rape culture or privilege (at least as in the sense used by SJWs) or their usefulness in discussion, but you’re welcome to. In the context of current discussions equality for all people, regardless of sex – even men – is something we consider a worthy goal.

As a group, we at Postmortem find the politics of SJWs to be toxic, offensive and completely removed from reality. Yet we couldn’t really give 10ccs of flying monkey jism if you adhere to these ideas and play our games, or post on fora about them, or post about how they intersect with the fantasy magic, technology or societies of our works of fiction. If we disagree, it’s quite likely your ideas that we find noxious will find themselves used by a villain or lampooned in one of our games. Even though we’ve found the lies and misrepresentations made by our detractors detrimental to our business and personally insulting – even libellous – we respect people’s right to be wrong headed and to hold views that offend our sensibilities.

We want the, loose, community of Postmortem fans to be genuinely inclusive of all viewpoints, so long as people are on topic and mindful that it’s possible to disagree without painting the other side as kitten-drowning baby murderers who are worse than Hitler. We understand that people who hold all manner of viewpoints, even SJWs, see themselves as ‘the good guys’ and as being supportive of progress or the betterment of society, we just hope that popping the echo-chamber bubbles these groups have by them running into alternative points of view may moderate extremism on all sides a little bit.

Those who explicitly attack the equality seeking measures of other groups and seek to exclude them from the public square, even in the arena of science fiction, fantasy and games, are enemies of liberty, free expression and the free marketplace of ideas and we find it – frankly – staggering that any person involved in any creative endeavour would back de-facto censorship of this blanket sort, even on private fora. The type of community we want is the kind of rough and tumble, idea-slinging, free-debating utopian vision that the internet was founded upon and which Generation X seems to have forgotten and Generation Y has failed to live up to.

torquemadaWe don’t give a tinker’s cuss if you’re a radical feminist, a SWERF, a TERF, an MHRA, a MGTOW, a Black Panther, Christian Identity, Earth First, a Tumblrina or even a climate-change denying Republican. You’re welcome to enjoy our games and discuss them from your point of view and we’ll only give a damn if you start being a dick in general, not because of what your views or.

We want our games and our blog to be genuinely open and inclusive, in the actual meaning of the word. A ‘safe space’ for interesting and controversial ideas and reasonable conflict. An art that’s being lost in social and conventional media today.

We won’t ban you just for holding a point of view we disagree with, because that’s antithetical to our values as a creative enterprise, egalitarians, libertines and digital citizens of the 21st Century.

Games are pretend, fun, and safe places to wrangle difficult ideas and controversial politics. Have we learned nothing from playing Bioshock? Frankly, weird views and applications of technology and magic from twisted – or at least different – minds can fuel the creative process.


#WorldGothDay – Privileged to Pay it Back

sophieLike any TruGoth(tm) I deny being a goth, and yet my wardrobe is almost entirely black, I wear things with skulls on them and listen to the Sisters of Mercy more than is, perhaps, normal. In more ways than I like to admit, I am Gary King. As such, there’s a cause close to my heart and that of many other British Goths, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The kind of harassment and violence she suffered is a situation we’ve virtually all witnessed, usually coupled with homophobia, kink-shaming and drunkenness.

In the case of Sophie Lancaster, this abuse got to the point where she was kicked to death trying to protect her boyfriend from being killed by the same thugs that ended up killing her.

Why were they attacked?

Because they dressed differently, they were ‘other’.

In my work, hit or miss, I’ve tried to address these sorts of issues before.

It’s a sad fact that much of the reporting on Sophie’s death contributed to the general disdain of the general public for another out-group, ‘chavs’, the British underclass. A demonisation Ian Warner and myself satirised in Chav the Knifing.  Given my most recent personal project’s reception, rather opposite to that which was intended (making fun of both social media overreactions and bigots simultaneously) I’ve decided to donate half of this month’s profits from Postmortem to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and any and all money that comes from PDF sales of Privilege Check as well, by way of apology for missing the mark and failing to convey the intended message.

article-2424435-1BE4FB73000005DC-703_634x408The Foundation doesn’t only deal with issues that alternative culture people face, they campaign generally for the recognition and understanding of subcultures including along lines of race (for example they’re partnered with the Anne Frank UK Trust). Subcultures and their demonisation are not solely the problem of white punks, goths and kinksters, but of any and all youth and subcultures of every colour – often from within their own communities.

If you want to help the Foundation, you can donate directly HERE.

If you feel like salving my conscience and picking up something fun at the same time, my works can be found HERE.

Below is an exclusive Privilege Check bonus card, appropriate to this day, that you can download, print and include in your deck. You can follow other #WorldGothDay events and charity activities (especially those in SecondLife) by following that hashtag on Twitter.



RELEASED: Privilege Check (card game)

Privilege Check

Or: An Egregious Example of the Tone Deaf, Silencing, ‘Humour’ of the Heteropatriarchal, White, Oppressor Class

PCIt is a truth universally acknowledged that you cannot win an argument on the internet. This common presumption is, however, incorrect. It is perfectly possible to win an argument on the internet, not by being right or by using evidence, but by the simple expedient of being more oppressed than anyone else.

Not oppressed in the actual meaning of being oppressed, but rather how many minority groups demographics you can cram yourself into. If you’re the most oppressed, nobody can hope to challenge anything you say or think without being a horrible bigot.

Privilege Check is a game that recreates this phenomenon by setting the players against each other to compete in order to be the least privileged person at the table and, thus, to win while the most privileged person at the table is dubbed the ‘Shitlord’. These cards can also be used to create random Tumblr profiles.

Download the PDF here and print your own.

Buy hardcopy HERE (it may not be up yet, give it a week or two)

Open Art Call: Children’s Adventure Project

1097353376Do you like The Goonies? Explorers? Monster Squad?

What about Eerie Indiana? Gravity Falls? Camp Lakebottom?

Basically, what we’re working on here is a child-friendly ‘Over the Edge’.

We need art.

With the book based around A5 in size we’re looking for:

  • Full page colour cover
  • 2 half page B&W
  • 7 1/4 page B&W

Budget starts at $400 but show us your art and make an offer even if it’s for more.

A semi-cartoonish style is preferred, but we’ll look at other styles if you can make a case for them.

Deadline is ASAP so if you’re free to start immediately, that would also be a bonus.

This work is for Chronicle City, not Postmortem.

Contact via email to grim@postmort.demon.co.uk or on Twitter @grimachu