Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook Sample ‘M’



Male Slaves: Male pleasure slaves are relatively rare as submissive men, silk slaves, do not often arouse mistresses and do not often appear on Gor. Nonetheless, some are found and some are even bred for, though even the most submissive male slave may ‘revert’ and turn upon his mistress. Men are also bought by other men and while Gorean society is largely not judgmental on sexuality some of the practices to produce male slaves for other men – especially from boyhood – are regarded with distaste.

Most male slaves are war captures, prisoners or debtors. Male slaves are not valuable and are mostly sold cheaply for labor. They most often serve naked or in a breech-clout, which doesn’t make them stand out too much from free prisoners working off their debts. Without being distinctively marked – save for a collar – it is hard for slaves to determine their numbers.

Gorean Chronicles: The Kur



The Kur are the great opposing force in the battle behind the scenes for the future of Gor and Earth. The Gor are hulking, brutish, savage creatures living in artificial habitats – made from generation ships – hiding around the solar system’s gas giants and asteroid belt. They have been warring the Priest Kings for control of the solar system for hundreds, thousands of years, possibly even longer, without making any real headway. They have been thwarted at every turn either by the Priest Kings and their technology directly, or by their human agents mobilising against their plots and schemes.

The Kur may be monstrous creatures but they often seem more comprehensible and sympathetic than the Priest Kings, despite their exotic bred slaves and their eating of human flesh. The Kur are more relatable, despite their violence and brutality. They have a sense of honour, they keep their word, they have their affections and loyalties yet they are – at the same time – alien. They have engineered themselves, losing many mammalian traits and creating insensate living wombs to bear their young. They consider a leader to embody a cause, so that his failure reflects upon the whole.

Kur technology is more advanced than human technology and may once have rivaled the Priest Kings, but that higher state of their technology has been left behind in the thousands of years they cruised between the stars seeking their new home.

The Kur operate on Earth and Gor in secret and there’s suggestion that they are involved with governments, corporations and educational establishments as a way of taking slaves, finding agents, buying up gold, chocolate, coffee and tea to transport to Gor where they can use these goods to disrupt economies and to finance their operations on Gor.

There’s a whole, possible, second game here, dealing with the slave-taking and intrigue on Earth.

Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook sample ‘L’


Larls are sabretooth cats. This art is from the Dragon’s Crown game, but gives some idea.


Larl: The larl is a great, predatory cat, clawed and fanged with saber teeth a foot long and standing some seven feet at the shoulder. The larl has a broad head – two feet across – triangular and pointed. Most commonly they have red or sable-black fur, especially in the mountains. Black larls have manes, both male and female alike, while the red larl lacks a mane.

All larls have four nostrils and a tough, bony ridge running back from its nose to its neck. White larls are even bigger, dangerous, tundra animals with snow white fur and some black markings.  Their tails are tufted and used to signal other larls with whom they sometimes hunt in prides, also signaling to each other with cries that they pick up on their large, triangular ears. Larls have a powerful homing instinct that leads them back to their whelping grounds in the mating seasons, an instinct that frequently overcomes attempts to tame them. Larls are powerful and fierce, in combat they are even more fierce and unstoppable than tharlarion, powered by their massive, eight-valved heart.

When they are hunted it is by lines of men with spears. The last man holds a sword and should the beast charge through the line the man with the sword sacrifices himself while the others finish the beast. Famously untamable the only people known to have done so are the Pani, who use trained larls as fierce guard animals.

Gorean Chronicles: The Priest Kings


A classic cover – though Priest Kings are a bit more like a mantis


The Priest Kings are the force behind Gor and the driving force of much of the societal nature of Gor. It is the Priest Kings who set the technology and armour rules, it appears to be the Priest Kings whose anti-like society of strict castes and roles, that drives much of Gorean politics. It is the Priest Kings whose – detached and alien – perspective appears to inform the way they keep humans in a ‘state of nature’, compared with the society of humans on Earth.

The world of Gor itself, appears to be very ancient and the Priest Kings claim to have transported it from its original place. The life on it seems to stem from different worlds and different times, perhaps brought there as some sort of ‘zoo’. The presence of the spider people near Ar, the ‘wild’ Kur and beasts that may come from Earth’s past (as well as fossils and bones) make the whole world seem like one gigantic experiment.

It’s interesting to think how an alien intelligence might look at humanity and might consider our ‘state of nature’. The way we study ourselves is necessarily, inherently biased by the fact that we are humans and that we like to think of ourselves certain ways, as exceptional and not as animals like every other animal. Whether we agree with the conclusions of the Priest Kings or not (I wouldn’t) it’s still a fascinating way to look at things and the way that Gorean society might mirror that of wild animals – in a more complex fashion.

The Priest Kings are the ‘deus ex machina’ for the Gorean setting. Their technology is near magical, they are secretive and unknown to most, they can hide planets from detection and manipulate society, they can strike down those they chose to with the flame death and eliminate technology that breaches their rules.

The ‘cold war’ between the Priest Kings and the Kur underlies almost everything in the Gorean chronicles.  It’s at work at every level and it’s a disinterested alien intelligence, versus monstrous cannibals. Is there any, possible, winner at all in such a conflict?

Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook Sample K



Kaiila: Virtually unknown in northern Gor, the kaiila is a silken-furred, carnivorous, lofty creature used as a mount by the Wagon People, the tribes of the Tahari and the Red Savages. Warm blooded, but without breasts, young kaiila are able to hunt as soon as they can stand.

Kaiila are swift and agile but lack the power of tharlarion, making them better suited to light cavalry and skirmish actions than to full-on assaults. Kaiila have large eyes each side of their heads, triple-lidded against dust, four rows of fangs and soft, padded, clawed feet.

They stand twenty to twenty-two hands at the shoulder with tremendous stamina, able to run six hundred pasangs a day on solid ground and fifty over dunes. Despite their usefulness as a mount, Kaiila are highly strung and vicious which makes training them and riding them a feat of courage. Southern Kaiila range in color from gold to black while Sand Kaiila are almost always tawny.

The Sand Kaiila subspecies is smaller and does suckle its young with a red milk (which contains blood). Sand kaiila are omnivorous, unlike their cousins, and have larger, more padded paws with webbed toes for moving on sand.

Gorean Chronicles – Kaissa of Worlds


The largest scale at which Gor can be played is the battle between the higher powers at work within the solar system, the Kur and the Priest Kings.

Both forces are extremely high tech and the monstrous Kur are only held back from taking Gor (and the Earth, which they desire less) by the presence and power of the Priest Kings whose technology is even more impressive.

The Kur have tried many times to infiltrate Gor and have failed at each turn, often thanks to the efforts of their agents – such as Tarl Cabot – and other times by chance or luck. They have raised armies of ‘native’ Kur, tried missile bombardments, invasions of the inner solar system, setting the cities against one another, trying to starve nations, set up bases in remote regions and even smuggle piecemeal war machines onto the planet.

Despite all this, they have – as yet – been unable to make any true progress in their attempts to conquer, but having traveled so far to claim a new home, they are unwilling to give up.

Intrigues also occur on Earth with both agents of Kur and the Priest Kings seemingly fighting a war of espionage on the surface of that world and also claiming slaves from amongst Earth’s populace to transport to Gor. The Kur, in particular, seem to favour training agents from the Earth – especially women – to lead their operations on Gor as well as transporting large number of Earth slaves to Gor to be sold in order to finance their operations there, landing stealth ships in remote locations to avoid the wrath of the Priest Kings.

The presence of the Kur and Priest Kings introduces a more fantastical and higher stakes element to adventures as well as potentially extending the action to Earth and the steel worlds of the Kur (space habitats hidden around Jupiter, Saturn and the asteroid belt). It is strongly suggested in the books that Earth governments, companies and even educational establishments are in cahoots with one or both alien forces and have hidden knowledge of these alien species and their technology. It’s also strongly suggested that the Gorean slave trade ties into the underground human trafficking networks on Earth.

This would make a great ‘in’ for Earth characters – male and female – to get tangled up in the cold war between the Kur and Priest Kings and transported to Gor. People whose moral and social ethics are wildly at odds with that world, making for interesting conflict and adventure.

Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook Sample ‘J’



Jard: The jard is a small, flying scavenger about the size of a starling but with a tough beak for tearing at carcasses. Jards travel in vast flocks that can strip a carcass to the bone in minutes, swarming like flies over the corpse. They are most common around Lydius but can be found almost anywhere. Battles attract them swiftly.


Mythologically speaking the jards fulfill the same sort of role that crows, ravens and magpies do in Earth mythology but they fly in great flocks and are much smaller. They seem intelligent, like corvids, and wheel about the sky like fast-moving clouds. To me it’s beautiful, but to many Goreans they’re a sign of ill-omen.